Art of Christopher Padgett Hunnicutt

Art of Christopher Padgett Hunnicutt

Live painting event, Visual Strategies exhibition 2018.

Christopher Padgett Hunnicutt is a full time visual/kinetic/multimedia artist; his work is collected and exhibited internationally.

In his work, Christopher explores processes that play with recognition and orientation; examining orientation around recognition itself, kinetic relationships, and the composition of visual narratives. He is interested in exploring different art media while developing techniques through an emergent process of exploration and discovery.

Christopher encourages the viewer to compose and narrate/interpret their own experience of his work. He thinks that this can evoke a relationship/dialogue with the viewer and the work itself, freeing the viewer to translate what they see through their own viewpoint, process, and perspective to explore the potential of what he calls “permeable visual narratives.” People have reported a dream-like effect, seeing intricate scenes while viewing/ experiencing his works.

You are encouraged to view the works as if you are looking at clouds, allowing images to emerge and appear naturally, as your perspective informs your viewing of the art. (The phenomena of perceiving images this way is called pareidolia; the phenomena of perceiving meaningful connections and patterns between seemingly unrelated things is called apophenia. Both of these phenomena are at play in Christopher’s work; he has coined the term Pareidoliapophenia to describe the function of these two phenomena together in his work.)


Art of Christopher Padgett Hunnicutt original paintings and Giclee art prints available for purchase. Giclee art prints are on Hahnemule Photo Rag fine art archival paper; a certificate of authenticity is available upon request. Giclee art prints are listed at various sizes; please contact Christopher for custom size information at: Detail photographs from paintings are also available as Giclee art prints. Package deals and payment plans available upon request, please contact us. Tap paintings for more information regarding title, size, to see detail photos, and for purchase information.

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Recognition and Light

18 x 24 Acrylic paint, ink on paper

Dragon Heart

18 x 24 Acrylic paint on watercolor paper

Candy Horse

18 x 24, acrylic paint on watercolor paper

T-Rex and the King

18 x 24 ink on watercolor paper

Nature’s Containers

Original Painting

Nature’s Containers

Butterfly Vision

30”x40” +- acrylic paint, color pencil on paper with canvas backing

King Fisher

18” x 24” acrylic paint on watercolor paper with canvas backing

Three Magicians

9”x11” acrylic paint on paper with canvas backing